life is better with rosa’s


party trio

(Serves 6-7)

22 oz. Chile con Queso, 22 oz. of guacamole, 22 oz. of Medio Caliente salsa and three large bags of Rosa’s fresh made tortilla chips.

  • $26.99

Chile Verde to Go

(Serves 2-3)

Rosa’s delicious, spicy Chile Verde comes with a dozen hot flour tortillas, a pint of rice and a pint of beans.

  • $19.99

spicy pork or
chicken tamales

  • $14.99

two dozen
tamale platter

Make sure you’ve got some for everyone at your next family get together. Enjoy 24 spicy pork or chicken tamales conveniently packaged with delicious Chile con Queso and the Rosa’s salsa of your choice. Everyone’s sure to cheer, “Hot tamales!”

  • $35.99

enchiladas to go


Choose from chicken with sour cream sauce or beef or cheese with either red or poblano green sauce, rice and beans.

  • Beef $24.99
  • Cheese $23.99
  • Chicken $25.99

taco party tray

(Makes 12-14)

Carry out all the fixings to make fresh tacos right at home! Perfect for parties and get-togethers.

  • $21.99

burritos to go


Comes with medio client salsa, Chile con Queso and chips.

  • Bean $19.99
  • Combo $27.99
  • Beef $29.99

nacho tray

(Serves 6-8)

Get the party started with our Nacho Tray! All the ingredients to customize nachos just the way you want them. Includes Rosa’s famous picadillo beef, savory chile con queso, refried beans, lettuce, tomatoes, zesty jalapeños, and two bags of fresh tortilla chips.

  • $31.99

fajita taco platter

All fajita tacos can be ordered with queso and/or guacamole at no extra cost. Served with pico de gallo and salsa of your choice.

  • Beef $49.99
  • Chicken $38.59
  • Combo $43.89

fajita fiesta

(Serves 2-3)

Beef, chicken or combination comes with pint of rice, pint of beans, guacamole salad, grated cheese, sour cream, grilled vegetables, roasted jalapeños and one dozenhot flour tortillas.

  • Beef $30.99
  • Chicken $25.99
  • Combo $27.99

double meat
fajita fiesta

Our famous fajita fiesta with twice the meat (24 ounces). Comes with a pint of Rosa’s rice, a pint of refried beans, guacamole salad, grated cheese, sour cream, grilled vegetables, roasted jalapeños, and one dozen fresh-made tortillas!

  • Beef $50.99
  • Chicken $39.99
  • Combo $44.99


  • chili con queso

    22 oz. $9.99
    One Pint $6.69

  • guacamole

    22 oz. $13.99
    One Pint $9.99

  • pico de

    22 oz. $4.99
    One Pint $4.29

  • salsa

    22 oz. $3.89
    One Pint $2.99

  • 12 fresh flour tortillas


  • picadillo
    (Taco meat)

    22 oz. $13.99
    One Pint $8.99

  • mexican rice

    One Pint $2.99

  • beans
    (Refried or Black)

    One Pint $2.99

  • chocolate or carrot cake

    1 Whole Cake

  • freshly brewed tea

    1 Gallon